Access US Netflix with NordVPN: 3 easy steps

Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, but if you’re using Netflix in any other country but US, you will notice that the content will be very different from the US one. It’s only natural for the US users to have the most content, but other countries get much less - Australians get access to only about 38% of the content. The streaming service is American, so it can be said that it’s only natural for the US users to have the most content.


Why do you need a VPN to watch Netflix?

Copyright and licensing - these are the reasons for content difference and why the said content is geographically locked. Content is licensed by country, which means that certain TV shows or movies might be available in one country, but won’t necessarily be licensed in another one. Many users have been using virtual private network (VPN) services even before Netflix became available worldwide.

In 2016, Netflix started blocking VPN services and proxies - many users were left to find other alternatives to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, as they did not have the patience to wait around for the content to be available in their country.

A very limited selection is available

It's really easy to see how much content is not available to the user that is not from the US - the content difference is staggering. But when you access US Netflix, there are more TV shows and movies that you can choose from! New content becomes available that wasn't accessible before. It can be said that there is a significant difference when you connect to the US servers.

More content appears when you access US Netflix


Access US Netflix with a VPN

If you’re not from the US, when you log into your Netflix account, you get a very limited selection of TV shows and movies. Moreover, there are no great movies available, which is disappointing when you want to watch something new and fresh.

To see if any of the major VPN services work with Netflix, we tested out many providers (Unblock-Us, TorGuard, UnoTelly, Astrill and a couple more). After extensive testing, we found a VPN service that has good, consistent speeds and also works with Netflix - it’s NordVPN.

NordVPN is a great VPN that supports Netflix, as 90% of otherVPN service providers just don't work as promised.

NordVPN's homepage


How to make Netflix work?

1. Get NordVPN

Go to the website and click on the Pricing section. Then, select the most suitable pricing plan for you, as there are 3 pricing plans available. We suggest acquiring the 1 year plan because it has the biggest discount. After that, just fill out your credentials and then select the most suitable payment method (credit card, BitCoin, Paypal and more) to finalize your payment.

Available pricing plans
2. Log into NordVPN

Now just download the NordVPN app for your device/operating system of choice. After you have installed the app/desktop client, open NordVPN and click the menu on the left of the application. Then, click the Log IN button and enter the credentials that you've created during the purchase of the selected pricing plan.

3. Connect to a US server

Find the US pin on the map and just click on it. The application will now connect to a US server and change your real IP address to the one from the USA. If the connection for some reason does not work - find the server list and manually select any US server.

Connect to a US server


Make sure that all the content is available

Head to the Netflix website or app and be sure to check if Netflix offers you American content. You should be able to access such TV shows as Limitless, American Dad and 30 Rock. If you can't access the mentioned content, try connecting to a different US server, other than that - just enjoy the now available new content!

New content is available!

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