A day with ExpressVPN

Another “Editor’s Choice” VPN service provider that is known as one of the best VPN services offered at the moment – ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is a well-rounded service provider that has it all: strong encryption, servers in about 145 cities scattered all around the globe as well as unlimited speed, server switches and bandwidth. With its extremely high-speed servers, you can watch huge amounts of content with no difficulties whatsoever, not to mention effortless Torrenting or engaging in similar activities. ExpressVPN has custom clients for all its supported operating systems and the software/apps are easy to use. 

ExpressVPN offers 145 cities you can connect to



As most VPN service providers, ExpressVPN offers a one-click installation process. The setup of this VPN took a few seconds and it was ready to be launched in barely a few moments. The software itself is nicely-designed and easy to use. It has a big button that you can click on and turn on the VPN for protection. There is also a Smart Location feature that picks the best VPN location for you and connects you to the fastest server. Also, you can choose the server and location you want to connect to from the list. ExpressVPN has a neat feature of a built-in speed test, which means that you can test out the speed of a certain server and see how fast it is. 

ExpressVPN - Windows client


Daily tasks

No surprise there - we forgot that we were using a VPN several times throughout the day. It sometimes seemed that everything was even faster when using a VPN rather than without it. Numerous YouTube videos were loading at lightning speed and the websites just loaded effortlessly. We never ran into any loading or any kind of problem. Though while testing, connecting to servers that were very far away took a few moments, but it is understandable as the proximity takes its toll on Internet and the connection speed altogether. 



ExpressVPN is one of the few providers that you can use to access the most popular streaming websites like Hulu, HBO, Netflix and others. We connected to the US servers to check if it really is so and yes, ExpressVPN definitely works with Netflix. We tested several TV shows, including those who are strictly shown in the United States. Any episode we played loaded very fast and in high-quality too. It can be said that ExpressVPN is perfect for streaming because of its speeds.

Netflix works flawlessly



Hulu streaming services are strictly available only to those located in the United States. We tried accessing Hulu and did so easily. This popular streaming service also was fast and no matter what shows or how many episodes we tried playing at once – it didn’t buffer. The TV show images seen on the website loaded in an instant.

Hulu - never buffered



While it is best known for its speed, ExpressVPN also offers variety of different encryption protocols that you can choose from. Moreover, there is zero logging of your Internet activities. You can use up to 3 simultaneous connections on various devices. ExpressVPN has its own DNS server which makes user connections fast and safe. 

ExpressVPN's feature list



No wonder ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN service providers, as it offers lightning fast server speeds and numerous locations to choose from. This makes it great for streaming, downloading, video watching and other similar activities. It also offers a variety of other great features, making ExpressVPN a well-rounded VPN provider with top-notch services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this VPN service, you can read our extensive review about ExpressVPN here.

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