A day with NordVPN

This time, we decided to try out our “Editor’s choice” VPN service provider – NordVPN. NordVPN is one of VPN service leaders and there’s no surprise there because it offers top-notch and high-quality services. It is best known for its incredibly strong security and encryption and is considered to be the best VPN for privacy in the market at the moment. But it isn’t the only thing it is famous for, as NordVPN offers access to top streaming websites and its base location guarantees that no user activity or connection logs will be kept.

NordVPN's key features



NordVPN’s setup process is easy, as it is a one-click installation and takes only a few seconds. The software is nice in its design and extremely easy to use. When you first connect to NordVPN, you are connected to a server that is the closest to you, but you can change that. If you want to connect to a certain country, just click on the country’s pin and that’s it – you’re connected! There is also a server list offered if you want to manually connect to a specific server. Also, NordVPN service provider offers specific server locations that depend on user needs: double VPN, P2P, dedicated IP servers and more.

Windows client


Daily tasks

Using NordVPN was great! It very fast, our usual web experience pretty much did not change, as the websites were loading just as fast. YouTube videos that we watched also loaded just as fast and there was no buffering. Moreover, it never took longer than a second to load anything – web page, image, video or any kind of media. We had numerous tabs opened with all kind of websites, streaming services, YouTube, email and more and it never buffered, not even once.



While Netflix is at war with VPN service providers and is actively blocking them, only a few can be proud of giving their users the ability to access this streaming service. NordVPN is one of the few VPN services that you can use to watch Netflix and reach American content. We tried loading various TV shows to watch and while it took a slight second to load, the TV show episodes loaded fast and in high-quality as well.

You can access Netflix with NordVPN
The episodes load quickly



Another American streaming service provider that is known for being available only to the US residents is Hulu. While Netflix is available worldwide, Hulu is regionally blocked and is only accessible to Americans. Hulu streaming services have tons of content available and add-ons such as Showtime, HBO and more. This service also blocks a lot of VPNs and not with every VPN service provider you can access it, but we did so with NordVPN. While the images took a bit to load, the random TV shows we tried watching were loading quickly.

Easy access to Hulu streaming services



As we’ve mentioned before, NordVPN is best known for its strong encryption and the privacy it guarantees, but it has other great features as well. You can use NordVPN on six devices simultaneously, meaning you can protect your phone, laptop, and tablet all at once. As it focuses strongly on privacy, it has an automatic killswitch that switches off your applications if the Internet connection drops. This way, you won’t be left exposed. Also, Nord offers more than a 1000 server locations in 60 countries all around the world.

NordVPN has numerous great features



Using NordVPN was great because it worked like a charm throughout our busy workday. The pages loaded quickly and there were no issues when using this VPN service provider. Besides, knowing that we could access Netflix easily as well as other streaming websites was a pleasant addition to already great services. Once again, we were reassured that NordVPN offers only the best services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this VPN service, you can read our extensive review about NordVPN here.

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Editor's choice

Fast server speeds, no-logs policy, strong encryption and great customer support make NordVPN an excellent choice for streaming and browsing.

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