A day with ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is a VPN service provider that is based in Germany and offers high-quality services. Its server and connection speeds are fast and ZenMate offers server locations in 30 countries that you can connect to. Using ZenMate is easy and the software is very intuitive. 

ZenMate offers Premium VPN services



The setup process was extremely easy and it took only a few clicks to install the software on Windows 10. We signed in using our ZenMate account credentials and in a second we could already use the VPN. We decided to choose a server location that is moderately quite far away, moreover, we wanted to access a few websites that are restricted to us. Then, we chose the United States from the list of server locations and just clicked on the big round button. That’s it, now we’re secure!

ZenMate's main window


Daily tasks

The loading speeds were mostly alright, only sometimes it took a little more time to load a website page, but this happened only a few times. To be honest, most of the time we almost forgot that we were using a VPN service. Usually, the overall Internet speed drops when using a VPN provider, but we haven’t noticed that with ZenMate. We went around doing our usual business and work and everything worked like a charm. 



Then we decided to try and check if we can access some of the streaming services. However, when we tried to access Netflix, we couldn’t as we ran into an error. We tried refreshing several times, but still ran into the same error page. 

We couldn't access Netflix



We tried turning to HBO to see if it works. At first, we switched off ZenMate and tried to access HBO. Naturally, we ran into a problem – region blockage. Then we turned on ZenMate VPN again, connected to the US server again and tried our luck. And it worked! It buffered slightly when we tried to watch the Game of Thrones trailer, but it turned out alright in the end. However, we needed to pause the video for it to load a bit and to watch the trailer in high-quality, as at first the quality was low. 

HBO works perfectly



We’ve used ZenMate all throughout the day and as we’ve mentioned before – didn’t even notice the VPN was up and running. It was a breeze using it - YouTube videos loaded fast, our emails loaded fast as well. ZenMate has a very easy to understand interface and a few advanced options that are automatically checked when you download the software. Of course, you can disable them, but we do not recommend doing that. You can check how much data you have expended, but ZenMate does not have bandwidth or other kind of limits. Moreover, you can switch to all kinds of offered servers indefinitely because there are unlimited server switches available. 

Servers in 30 countries



In general, we liked using ZenMate VPN service provider. It offered good server speed no matter which server we connected to and we haven’t run into any major problems when using it. Surely, some streaming services might be slower to load, but in general, it is a satisfying service.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this VPN service, you can read our extensive review about ZenMate here

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