How to install NordVPN on Android

The whole process just takes a few simple clicks - to create an account, then get the most suitable subscription plan and download the application to your smartphone. NordVPN is easy to use, as the application itself provides a few basic steps on how to set it up and get it up and running.


Choose the subscription plan

First, go to NordVPN’s website and click on the PRICING section. There are three pricing plans that you can choose from: a 1 month plan, a 6 months plan, and a 1 year plan. Also, you can save up to 72% with a 2-year plan, as there is a special exclusive deal for our website’s visitors - just click here.

Choose the pricing plan that suits you the best in terms of pricing and duration. NordVPN offers 30-days money back guarantee and all of the subscription plans have a no-logs policy, 24/7 customer support as well more than 1000 server locations to choose from. 

Create a secure account by entering your credentials (email and password). Then select the most suitable payment method. There are multiple options that you can choose from all the major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and more), PayPal, Bitcoin as well as other payment methods. 

If you already have a NordVPN account, just log in into your account by entering your credentials - log in and password. 

Go to the pricing section
If you have an account, just log in


Download NordVPN

Go to your profile and go to the DOWNLOAD AREA. In the download section, you can choose the operating system or the device you want to install the app on.

Scroll down a bit and you will see the Android symbol. Then choose the NordVPN application (recommended). Immediately, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store where you will be able to download the app from.

Also, you can go to the Google Play Store directly on your Android device and search for NordVPN, then download and install the application from the store.

Scroll down for Android section
Or just simply go to the Play Store


Install NordVPN

It will only take a few clicks for the app to get installed on your Android device. A pop-up will appear that server signatures need to be downloaded, so simply click YES. 

You can then immediately open NordVPN straight from the Play Store or from a shortcut on your phone.

A short tutorial and instructions on how the app works will appear, so just follow the simple steps and learn how to use the installed software - it’s very easy to use and understand.


Use the NordVPN app

Go to MY ACCOUNT, click on “I already have an account” and enter your account credentials that you have created before. Now you have logged into the NordVPN application.

Click on the connect button in the main window of the app, which is located on the bottom of the screen. You will be randomly connected to a nearby server, but you can choose, click on and connect to any country on the map that has a pin. 

A key icon will appear in your notification bar - it means that you are now connected to NordVPN!

And that is all - now you can use the VPN service for securely browsing the web, streaming TV shows and more!

Enter your credentials
Connect to any location you want!

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