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  • PROS
  • Great value annual plan
  • Split tunneling
  • CONS
  • OpenVPN is only beta
  • Connection logs

PureVPN is a veteran of the industry and has been about 9 years in the VPN market. It is a proven VPN provider with a lot of functionality. It also has a wide selection of servers and a wide platform coverage.

Plans and Pricing

PureVPN has three pricing plans available - monthly, 6 months and 12 months. The 12 months plan has a really competitive pricing - $4.99 per month.

There is also a 7-day refund policy, but you must use up no more than 500MB of data during those days, otherwise the refund will not be valid.

There are multiple payment options available including PayPal, AliPay and others:

BitCoin is also an available payment option – that is one of the advantages over other premium VPN providers.


There were some issues during the signup process which we would like to highlight. Also when registering for the services and while installing the application:

a) We received an error message "Software installed incorrectly" (OS X version of a desktop app). Though live technical support worked quickly, the process they suggested to take was a 10-step tutorial on how to remove the program and download another installation file from a different location. That was quite odd.

b) The other obstacle we faced is that you have to login not with your username/email, but with the username/password which was sent to you via email. That is neither very convenient nor secure.

Those 10 minutes of hassle were quite distracting, though the end result was really satisfying:


You see a beautifully designed application with a set of predefined configuration options. Whenever the preferred configuration is selected, the main window appears:

PureVPN main window

PureVPN's main window

Privacy, Security and protocols
PureVPN recently transferred their headquarters to Singapore, and now claims they are storing no logs at all. Here is an excerpt from their privacy policy:

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) includes all such information which can be directly linked to an individual e.g. Name, telephone number or email address.
This information may include, but not limited to:

  • Names (For account creation purpose)
  • Email address (For the creation of an account and/or to contact you with offers and discounts)
  • Phone number (For particular users from certain countries ONLY)

Though it is said that there is a "no-log" policy, some private information like email, phone and name is still collected and stored. On the other hand, with BitCoin available, one can provide a random name and a phone number as well as a throw-away email account to prevent PureVPN from holding any factual PII data. Privacy is well respected, but could be better.

Protocol support is one of the weaker spots of PureVPN:

PureVPN protocol support

PureVPN protocol support

Only PPTP and L2TP protocols are supported. OpenVPN (the newest and safest protocol) is just in beta with no clear deadline of delivery. On the other hand, you can use the manual setup of OpenVPN as PureVPN provides a tutorial for that.

Customer Support

PureVPN's knowledge base is thorough and extensive, meeting the needs of both beginner users as well as the more advanced ones:

Live chat is also available. We have used it whilst trying to set up the PureVPN application - the responses were indeed quick and professional.

Platforms Support

PureVPN supports all major platforms – Windows, OSX, iOS, Android:


Be aware - if the downloaded OS X application version won't work, don't be afraid to reach out through live chat to get the newer version. We did not understand why the older version is offered for download in the first place.

One more good thing about PureVPN - it has detailed instructions on how to set up VPN at router level:

PureVPN supported router guides

PureVPN supported router guides

Servers and Locations
PureVPN has 500+ servers in 141 countries:

Server locations

PureVPN server amount

Other providers can boast with a larger amount of servers, though PureVPN offers an extensive amount as well. The desktop application has a convenient map view, which allows the users to select which server to connect to directly from the map:

PureVPN map view

PureVPN map view


We have tested connection performance with and without VPN.

Speed without VPN connection

Speed without VPN connection

Speed with PureVPN connection

Speed with PureVPN

VPN speed was around 50% of the speed when not using VPN, but for the standard browsing experience that had no negative effects.


To sum up, PureVPN is a solid VPN service provider, probably one of the best as well. It has a well designed application, good privacy policy and a top-notch customer support. If you need reasons to keep looking for alternatives - weak support for OpenVPN protocol and a premium-level pricing could be those reasons.

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