AnonVPN review

June 2018
Decent services are offered by AnonVPN, however, it does not have a clear Privacy Policy or Terms of Service.
Overall score
  • P2P/Torrenting allowed
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • A variety of protocols
Best for:
Hiding IP

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General overview

AnonVPN is a VPN firm owned by a group of developers that came together to build a product that has grown so much. Just as the name suggests, it has the mission of ensuring absolute anonymity and privacy. It achieves this by offering encryption protocols of different types, coupled with a no-logs policy. It also works with a very strong SmartDNS. One of their unique selling points is the voucher code payment system which you can buy in shops in different countries, thus leaving no traces of any payment.

AnonVPN general highlights:

Overall Rank
Money-back guarantee
Setup time
9 min.
Device count per license
Mobile apps
Windows Phone, iOS & Android
Best price
Overview - conclusion
AnonVPN offers unlimited speed and bandwidth as well as decent encryption.

AnonVPN offers numerous protocols - from PPTP, L2TP, IPSec to OpenVPN, which may come in the form of UDP or TCD. With the options available, your preferences will always be covered, and the speed is also commendable. If you are only in need of something for individual use, then the PPTP, which is very fast will be great for you. When you are handling a corporate body that has tighter encryption needs, you should go for the OpenVPN, IPSec or L2TP. One more thing is that the entire servers used by AnonVPN have pre-configurations towards SmartDNS. With this, your location is geo-spoofed, so that you can use streaming services without being seen.

AnonVPN does not store logs and will not use them or deliver them to any third-parties. However, They will need your email address when you are getting their services, but they advise that you don’t give them your primary address, so that it won’t link back to you easily. AnonVPN services do not come with a good legal policy page, and could be weak in terms of privacy sometimes.

Privacy - highlights
  • A variety of protocols
  • SmartDNS
  • No real Privacy Policy
Privacy - Conclusions
AnonVPN offers a variety of protocols with a preconfigured SmartDNS and blocks more than 100 000 ad sites.

SmartDNS is available in all their subscription plans. Moreover, the VPN speed that you are offered is unlimited as well as there are no limits to the bandwidth you can use up. AnonVPN places their servers in strategic places, so that they are faster than all the others around the world, whether they are located in Prague, Toronto or elsewhere. You can access all your favorite sites from any part of the world, as this simply gets you over regional blockages and censorship. The next amazing feature is the P2P/Torrenting, which is available, but there is only one simultaneous connection allowed.

The network speed is good and the level of encryption it offers (AES-256) is great as well. Browsing with their VPN is made safer with the multiple connection protocols they work with. However, AnonVPN does not offer advanced features.

Features - highlights
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • P2P/Torrenting allowed
  • 1 simultaneous connection
  • Unknown server locations
Features - Conclusions
Torrenting is allowed, but AnonVPN does not have advanced features.

AnonVPN supports a lot of devices and different operating systems. You can use it on Mac, iPad and iPhone. When it comes to other hand-held devices, it also works on Android 4.0+ devices. AnonVPN supports Windows devices as well - both mobile and desktop.

Apps - highlights
  • Supports all major platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Very basic
Apps - Conclusions
AnonVPN supports a lot of devices and different operating systems including mobile and desktop.

When you go toAnonVPN's website, you will not see anything tangible about their customer support. All you will see is a place where you will be asked to initiate a support ticket. While leaving the ticket is possible, there are no other ways to contact the customer support.

Unfortunately, it can be said that there is no customer support, as you can only sumbit a ticket. There is no solid knowledgebase or FAQ section as well as there is no live chat available.In general, there is very litte information about AnonVPN.

Support - highlights
  • No live chat
Support - Conclusions
Customer support system is no doubt one of the worst a VPN could offer.
Value for money

Their subscription plans are very simple and clear. The monthly plan is $9 per month, the quarterly plan is sold at $19 for three months ($6.33/month). For the yearly plan, it is given at the cost of $69 per year ($5.75/month). The lifetime plan is also offered by AnonVPN, which will make you a subscriber for life at the cost of $199.

You can pay for the subscription with more than 38 payment methods, though this will be shown to you only when you have created an account, because it is not stated clearly on their homepage and other pages. The methods include the debit and credit card that has Discover, MasterCard, Visa and Maestro. You can also use the e-wallets like PayU, PayPal and Skrill. AnonVPNalso offers Bitcoin payment method, which will make you more anonymous. The best part of their payment method is that they sell their prepaid cards through third-party retailers offline and online. However, AnonVPN does not offer money-back guarantee.

Value for money - highlights
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Prepaid cards
  • Pricey plans
Value for money - Conclusions
Subscription plans are very simple and clear, include several payment methods as well as a prepaid card.
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