BolehVPN review

May 2019
BolehVPN offers high quality services with many features available to the user, but has its set of drawbacks as well.
Overall score
  • Prevents DNS leaks
  • Strong encryption
  • xCloak obfuscation technology
Best for:
Hiding IP

BolehVPN vs. better VPN alternatives

  • 2 Devices per account
  • servers globally
  • Prevents DNS leaks
  • Strong encryption
6.66 / month
Best Choice
  • 6 Devices per account
  • 5000+ servers globally
  • Free trial version
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • No-logs policy
  • Fast network speed
  • 24/7x365 support
  • Unlimited speed
$2.99 / month
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  • Unlimited devices per account
  • 800+ servers globally
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Optimized for video streaming
  • Extreme speeds
  • No logs policy
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
$1.99 / month
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BolehVPN Ratings

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General overview

BolehVPN are based in Malaysia, and the VPN services they offer are top-notch to say the least. Another thing is that they are affordable. Some of the features that the clients will enjoy are the speeds of the offered connections and that the client Internet activities will be kept anonymous. Moreover, P2P as well as Torrenting are allowed on their servers.

BolehVPN do not have many servers around the world, but the ones they have all work well and are reliable. They have 35 servers in about 13 countries like Canada, the US, Malaysia and other). They make use of dedicated, as well as shared IP addresses.

BolehVPN general highlights:

Overall Rank
Money-back guarantee
Setup time
10 min.
Device count per license
Mobile apps
Best price
Overview - conclusion
BolehVPN are based in Malaysia and their VPN services are top-notch.

BolehVPN has the Perfect Forward Secrecy with the most advanced algorithm named SHA-2 and uses 256-bit AES military-grade encryption. This is also coupled with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with 4096-bit keys. These will keep your entire network away from hackers, intruders and third parties. They also use an additional obfuscation layer to mask everything you do in their server. They work with the OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.

BolehVPN will always remind you that they are operating outside of the FVEY jurisdiction, this means that any form of user activity logs will not be kept. This also includes not tracking the Internet usage of their clients. However, they demonstrate full transparency by telling clients that they can only keep logs of their activities when they are illegal or when there are technical issues.

Privacy - highlights
  • Strong encryption
  • Obfuscation technology
  • Connection logs for illegal activities
Privacy - Conclusions
BolehVPN uses Perfect Forward Secrecy with military-grade encryption and is outside the FVEY jurisdiction.

There are lots of amazing features that BolehVPN uses to offer connection and obfuscation services to the clients and these features make their services worth using. They include the Perfect Forward Secrecy that offers extra protection, there is also support for two main types of user interface (the standard and the custom interface). They also offer something no other VPN provider offers - clients can choose from either the fully-rooted or the proxy VPN servers. There are no bandwidth limits offered and users can make use of 2 simultaneous connections.

The use of the SmartDNS and the xCloak obfuscation technology is very solid. Another feature is that their VPN is offered through TOR. Their servers are protected from DNS leaks and they have a killswitch for those who would want maximum safety.

Features - highlights
  • Services offered through TOR
  • DNS leak checks
Features - Conclusions
BolehVPN has servers in 13 countries with 35 different servers, uses the xCloak obfuscation technology and prevents DNS leaks.

The good news about BolehVPN is that it is compatible and supported by all the major known platforms, devices and operating systems. That is why people who use Windows, Android, Mac and Linux can effectively connect to the network and use it on their devices without any problems. They also include the routers that are supported by OpenVPN, for example Tomato, AsusMerlin-WRT and DD-WRT.

Now, this is one of the VPN providers that has been commended for their great mobile compatibility, but when it comes to the iOS platform, they are behind, as they are not compatible with it.

Apps - highlights
  • Supports all major platforms
  • Router compatibility
  • No native iOS client
Apps - Conclusions
BolehVPN supports all the major platforms and is compatible with many routers. However, there is no iOS native client.

BolehVPN does not have many customer support options to contact. They are mostly operating by using a ticket email system. They also have installation guides available as well as a help desk and a forum.

However, they are lacking in many other customer support areas. While they claim that their Help Desk is available 24/7, they do not have a live chat option. So, you can’t have a direct contact with them.

Support - highlights
  • Fast response time
  • No live chat
  • 24/7 support
Support - Conclusions
While customer support is effective here, live chat is not available.
Value for money

Their subscription plans are also good because they have different packages that users can make use of. The first one is the $3.70 seven days plan. It's great, as you can fully test out BolehVPN without commiting to it just yet. The next is the $ 9.99 one month plan and is followed by the 2 months plan that costs $8.5 per month. The 6 months plan is $7.5 per month, while the 1 year plan will cost you $6.66. There are many payment methods: PayPal, XEM, credit and debit cards of all types and direct ATM payments for Malaysian clients.

They also accept Bitcoin payments. There are many other anonymous unpopular payment methods like Dash, Monero, Zcash and Zcoin. However, there is no money-back guarantee available.

Value for money - highlights
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • No money back guarantee
Value for money - Conclusions
There are multiple subscription plans and payment methods available, and they accept ATM payments in Malaysia.