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July 2018
Getflix offers wonderful VPN services with strong protocols and encryption as well as different pricing tiers.
Overall score
  • A variety of protocols
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Has its own DNS server
Best for:
Hiding IP

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General overview

Getflix is a VPN provider that makes it easy for people to access music and video services from online sources. One of its major strengths is that it makes music and video streaming very easy and effortless. It is an Australian VPN provider and serves clients mostly from Australia and New Zealand. Getflix has a VPN and Smart DNS technology that it uses to unlock the geo-blocking or restrictions on most of the entertainment sites.

Getflix offers a VPN to users from all locations. While the VPN service is optional for those who already have Getflix subscription, others will have to make a very minimal payment to get access to it.

Getflix general highlights:

Overall Rank
Money-back guarantee
Setup time
14 min.
Device count per license
Mobile apps
iOS & Android
Best price
Overview - conclusion
Getflix has a VPN and Smart DNS technology that it uses to unlock the geo-blocking or restrictions on websites.

The full VPN network of Getflix comes with different protection protocols that offer different layers of protection. The PPTP offers a 128 bit encryption which could work on all operating systems known, both in the PC and mobile. The next is the L2TP Protocol which works best on Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows (256 bit encryption). SSTP protocol is best for Windows and offers 256 bit encryption as well. There is also the OpenVPN UDP protocol with 256 bit encryption and all operating systems support it, it gives great security and offers the best speed amongst all of them.

When choosing the protocol to use, the best is the OpenVPN UDP protocol as it is considered to be the strongest one. Getflix does not log, analyze, store or inspect what you do, as it does not track your Internet activity.

Privacy - highlights
  • A variety of protocols
  • No-logs policy
  • Could be throttled
Privacy - Conclusions
Getflix not only has a variety of protocols to choose from and strong encryption, but also has its own DNS server.

The Getflix Global Network feature simply encrypts your entire internet traffic no matter where it is coming from. The bandwidth and connection speed you are offered is not limited and there are about 20 country locations you can connect to.

The servers are open to Torrents and P2P traffic. There are tons of server locations and they are scattered in different parts of the globe. Smart DNS also offers access to more than 200 different channels, which include Hulu, HBO, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Sky and more.

Features - highlights
  • P2P/Torrenting allowed
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • 1 simultaneous connection
Features - Conclusions
Getflix protocols will hide your IP address completely, protect your Wi-Fi connections and allows Torrent and P2P traffic.

Getflix VPN is supported by different apps and operating systems and platforms - mobile phones, tablets, PCs and game consoles. It also supports Apple TV as well as Roku.

Another thing about apps here is that any internet connection, be it 3G, 4G, Cable, DSL and Satellite will give you access to their VPN.

Apps - highlights
  • Supports all major platforms
  • Supports any Internet connection
Apps - Conclusions
Getflix VPN is supported by many different apps, operating systems and platforms, and works with 3G, 4G, Cable, DCL and Satellite.

Getflix VPN has a customer support system that works 24/7/365. The support ticket is created by logging in and a response is given promptly. Getflix also has a live chat system and hey take the support to the next level with social media. You can contact them and make inquiries via Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Their mailing address is also given, so you can write them if that is what you prefer.

However, customer support does not have an email address listed, so, you can’t actually email them.

Support - highlights
  • 24x7x365 support
  • No email support
Support - Conclusions
Getflix VPN has a customer support system that works 24/7/365, which includes live chat, ticket system and social media.
Value for money

Getflix VPN has a wonderful payment and subscription package, in the sense that every client can actually get one within their budget. There is the 1 month plan which is $4.95, the 3 month plan is $12.95 ($4.32/month) and the 6 months plan is $22.95 ($3.83/month). There is also a 1 year plan for $39.90 ($3.33/month) as well as a 2 year plan, which is $54.90 ($2.3/month). it can be said that the 2 year plan is relatively cheap, but not everyone would like to commit to a VPN for two years.

Getflix accepts payments from credit cards like JCB, Discover, America Express, MasterCard and Visa. When you have two accounts, any other additional account will get you a 25% discount. There is no money back guarantee, but you are offered a 14-day free trial.

Value for money - highlights
  • A variety of pricing plans
  • No BitCoin payment
  • No PayPal payment
Value for money - Conclusions
Getflix VPN has a variety of pricing plan, however, you can't pay with BitCoin or PayPal.
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