May 2019
quote offers solid services with no-logs policy, very strong encryption that guarantees great privacy as well as security and unlimited bandwidth and speed as well.
Overall score
  • Strong encryption
  • P2P/Torrenting allowed
  • Over 300 servers
Best for:
Hiding IP
HBO vs. better VPN alternatives

  • 3 Devices per account
  • servers globally
  • Strong encryption
  • P2P/Torrenting allowed
3.33 / month
Best Choice
  • 6 Devices per account
  • 5000+ servers globally
  • Free trial version
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • No-logs policy
  • Fast network speed
  • 24/7x365 support
  • Unlimited speed
$2.99 / month
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  • Unlimited devices per account
  • 800+ servers globally
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Optimized for video streaming
  • Extreme speeds
  • No logs policy
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
$1.99 / month
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General overview VPN service is known as one of the services with the widest reach. While it boasts with its state of the art encryption, transparency and quality as its hallmarks, the fact that it works in areas like United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is a very big plus. This company is based in Seychelles and it is a country which is known for its privacy-friendliness.

Some of the most important facts about them are that they work with more than 300 VPN servers and these are stationed in more than 57 countries. These servers are located in Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Laos and the Philippines. Other countries where their serves are stationed include Russia, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand and many others.They offer triple feature services including network alerts to keep you updated, regular reports on transparency and full warrant canary. general highlights:

Overall Rank
Money-back guarantee
Setup time
8 min.
Device count per license
Mobile apps
iOS & Android
Best price
Overview - conclusion offers state of the art encryption with numerous privacy options as well as transparency and general high-quality security.

When it comes to encryption protocols, they make use of the 256-bit AES/CBC for OpenVPN and SoftEther protocols. This has the SHA-512 and the 4096-bit RSA as cipher/hash/control keys too. Moreover, new features and encryption systems are developed by the day. The latest three are the XOR encryption system, the ECC system and the Serpent feature. So, it can be said that takes its privacy very seriously.

Your activities on the servers provided by will not be logged, so no one will get hold of what you have been doing online. This is because everything is run from a RAM and that is to ensure that once there is a shutdown, all of the user data will be erased. To maintain this privacy, they do not even process payments for their services. They have anonymous tokens offered by third parties on their behalf.

Privacy - highlights
  • Services are run from RAM
  • Use of anonymous tokens
  • Only one protocol
Privacy - Conclusions offers only the OpenVPN protocol, but it has some of the most advanced encryption systems.

There's a killswith in the form of RAM and also allows P2P/Torrenting for those who want to download various content. Also, unlimited speed and bandwidth is offered as well.

The has one other great feature and it is called the safejumper feature. Here, direct connection to the apps and operating systems that support their services is made possible. They also provide comprehensive guides for all users of their services. The check method that involves a mitigation of all the known leaks is also another feature. It includes WebRTC Leak Check, GPS Leak Check, IPv6 Leak Check, Security Check, DNS Leak Check and Torrent Leak Check carried out by the safejumper client too.

Features - highlights
  • Over 300 servers
  • A killswitch and leak check
Features - Conclusions has over 300 servers in 57 cities. It also offers a RAM system in form of killswitch as well as unlimited bandwidth, P2P/Torrenting and leak checks.

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux operating systems are connected with the Safejumper client and this comes with OpenVPN routers with pre-configurations to work on these networks. Moreover, various routers are supported as well.

It does not only support connection from these traditional operating systems which also includes their mobile versions. You can connect and use their network for 3G, 4G and the LTE connections of all the available mobile carriers.

Apps - highlights
  • OpenVPN routers with pre-configurations
  • 3G, 4G and the LTE connections
Apps - Conclusions supports all the major platforms through the safejumper set up system, and customers can connect and use their network with 3G, 4G and the LTE connections.

While their support is 24/7365, it is done with only the ticket system. Here, you have to initiate a ticket and will be guaranteed a reply within 72 hours after initiating the ticket. If you are lucky, you can have your response in 4 hours, but the average is about 12 hours.

While livechat is the most effective form of support and customer care due to the instant response, they do not offer it. So, you can’t chat with an online representative if you have a problem with your account or connection.

Support - highlights
  • Translation feature
  • No 24/7/365 support
  • No live chat
Support - Conclusions
Customer support is's biggest flaw, as it offers only a ticket system, no live chat and no 24/7 support.
Value for money
6.5 has a lot of payment packages that will give you the chance to select accordingly what you need and what you can afford. The cheapest is the $2/72 hour trial package that will give you a clue of what to expect. Clients can also opt for the basic package of $5/month, which is now offered at a discount price of $3.33/month if you want to subscribe for 1 year at a stretch. You can also go for the solid package. This is given at $10/month and at a discount price of $7.50/month for those who subscribe for one year. The $20/month plan is called the pro package and it is mostly for businesses. This is sold at $16.66/month to those who subscribe for one year straight. offers tons of various payment options. You can pay with your credit card, prepaid card, MasterCard, and PayPal. You can even pay through your phone or SMS or with other traditional methods. They also accept BBitCoin for safety. The two most acceptable coins are Coinbase and eDigiCash. To increase anonymity, they use tokens too. They also have an add-on and extension system. So, you can just pick the exact service you need and you will be billed for it. Moreover, also offers 7-day money back guarantee.

Value for money - highlights
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Add-on and extension system
Value for money - Conclusions
The subscription packages are great and cheap, many payment methods to choose from, but a 7-day money back guarantee is a bit short.