Vpnspecial - SAFERVPN review


  • PROS
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Friend referral program
  • CONS
  • Very limited P2P sharing
  • Needs manual configuration

SaferVPN is pleasantly surprising. It has an eye-candy design and provides all the needed information. Most important of which is that SaferVPN has a 24-hour free trial with no Credit Card data required. In only a few minutes a well designed desktop application is already running on my Macbook. One of the more intriguing facts is that Chrome extension is also available as an option. Go on and try it yourself for free or read further to find out what other benefits we've discovered.

Plans and Pricing

Standard pricing options are available for SaferVPN – 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

Pricing plans

SaferVPN plans

The price tag is a little lower than some of the industry veterans - $7.5/month, compared to an average $9.99 for top-tier provider services. As mentioned above - the free trial, though only 24-hours long, is a very attractive opportunity to try out the product before committing to it financially.

There are multiple payment options to choose from:

SaferVPN payment options

SaferVPN payment options

There is BitCoin, Paypal and also some local payment methods available.

Privacy, Security and protocols

The privacy policy states that SaferVPN is collecting:
– a time stamp when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service;
– the amount of data transmitted (upload and download) during your session;
– the IP address used by you to connect to our VPN;
– the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you.

In other words, the no-log policy is not followed. This might be a minor nuance for the majority of users, but those wanting full anonymity might not be fond of it.

All three major VPN protocols are supported, with OpenVPN being the default option:

SaferVPN Protocols

SaferVPN protocols

OpenVPN protocol is the one we recommend to use, as it offers the best performance as well as best security levels.

Customer Support

SaferVPN has a standard set of customer support options - an article center, a FAQ page and a live chat support as well. The article center separates technical pieces of information from the intro type of articles and it can be said that both categories are exceptionally well covered.

SaferVPN Help Center

SaferVPN's Help Center

Live chat is integrated into the overall experience of the website - after spending several minutes in one certain page, live chat support window pops up:

SaferVPN Live chat support SaferVPN Live chat support

Live chat support

Platform Support

As it can be seen from the image below, SaferVPN supports all major platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

SaferVPN platforms

Supported platforms

We have tested the OS X desktop application. It has the same sleek design as the website itself. The simplicity just shines through, but more advanced users will be satisfied by the fact that the basic VPN configuration can easily be updated via the application itself.

SaferVPN desktop application (OSX)

SaferVPN's desktop application (OS X)

It was an interesting experience in trying out the Chrome extension of SaferVPN - the first of its kind in the market. To our surprise, it was fully functional and even quicker to install than the Desktop version.

SaferVPN chrome extension

SaferVPN's Chrome extension

Chrome extension is not just "one more platform" type of addition to the feature set, it really opens up new opportunities for users. Imagine a scenario where you would be willing to maintain the generic connection for torrent traffic, where high bandwidth is preferred, but still willing to have VPN protection for the web browsing. Chrome extension covers this scenario well and SaferVPN deserves credit for its innovative approach!

Servers and Locations

400 servers in over 30 countries are available by SaferVPN and should be enough for most of the users.

Server list

Though there are many providers out there with even more servers and geographical coverage, SaferVPN is a good choice if more exotic locations than the US and Western Europe are needed - for example South Africa or Thailand and more.


Performance was tested using the speedtest.net service.

SaferVPN speed test

SaferVPN speed test – no VPN connection

SaferVPN speed test

SaferVPN speed test – with VPN connection

There was no visible downgrade on the upload speed while using SaferVPN. While the download speed was reasonably lower, it still reached up to 30.74 Mbps, which is far more than enough for everyday browsing as well as P2P file-sharing.


SaferVPN is a great choice for the majority of users. It has a well designed UI - both in web and desktop/mobile applications. Also, it is very competitively priced - a premium product for a mid-range price of $7.50 per month or $5.50 per month on a yearly subscription. It seems that the company really thought through the whole experience of using the product - from the first website visit to a pleasantly surprising free trial for such a well developed product. Just go and sign up for the free trial - we're sure you will like it!


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