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Let's face it - VPNs can reduce your browsing experience. And no one likes slow speeds. But there is a way to ensure privacy without sacrifying performance. Always take into account the distance to the closest datacenter your shortlisted VPN provider has servers in. We show you this data in a table as well as in map. 10 kilometers probably won't make a significant difference, but 6991 km can. And for some locations some well known providers are at a 7k distance. Wouldn't have thought that might be the case. We have released the VPN map tool recently, therefore your feedback is highly appreaciated. Also, we'll keep the list update with more providers(not all of them are publicly sharing list of servers), but feel free to let us know which providers you'd like to see added.

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What is a VPN?

VPN (virtual private network) service providers create secure connection between the Internet and the Internet user device. VPNs offer a wide list of servers located all around the globe that users can connect to and by doing so the VPN virtually changes user location. This way, a user can access and browse through location restricted websites and access geographically blocked content. Moreover, a VPN service provider encrypts Internet traffic and activity, which makes it a great way to protect user privacy and stay safe when browsing the web or engaging in any Internet activity. Any Internet traffic that is encrypted is difficult to crack, that is why a VPN adds another layer of security in general. Even Internet Service Providers won’t know what users are doing online or what kind of material they are downloading and sharing. When using a VPN, Internet users can surf the web safely, privately and anonymously.

Why use a VPN?

A VPN can help users in numerous ways: it can hide or change user IP addresses, can help them to access streaming websites or services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer as well as reach geographically restricted websites, secure private information and stay anonymous on the Internet.

Why public Wi-Fi’s are unsafe?

Public Wi-Fi’s may seem harmless, as users connect to them every day in coffee shops, airports, bars and other places. But most of the users do not realize how their personal information, passwords, logins and other sensitive data is left exposed when connecting to an unsafe network. User information is vulnerable to hacking and data extraction, as the origin and the owner of the Wi-Fi network is usually unknown.

Why is server distance important?

Your speed will decrease a bit when using a VPN service provider, so for better performance and faster speed, it is better to connect to a server location that is the closest to you. This way, the speed loss will be minimum and you won't feel the difference in performance when using a VPN service.