Vpnspecial - TOTALVPN review


  • PROS
  • Quick setup
  • Free plan
  • Moderate list of servers
  • CONS
  • No Linux support

TotalVPN is relatively a newcomer to the VPN scene, with only two years of experience in the market. Despite this fact, the current extensive feature set combined with a simplicity driven user experience and a solid customer service makes TotalVPN worth a try. Especially knowing that they have a completely free plan, which allows to evaluate the core functionality without paying a cent.

Pros: ­

  • Quick setup
  • Free plan
  • Simple pricing model
  • Moderate list of servers

Cons: ­

  • Country of Origin (UK)
  • Logging of connections (and partnerships with law enforcement agencies without informing the user)
  • No Linux support

Plans and Pricing

+Free version


TotalVPN's pricing is dead simple -­ you have two options to choose from:

TotalVPN pricing and plans

First, the Free version provides you with quite a limited set of functions: 3 locations, limited bandwidth, limited data transfer, all protocols and only 1 device connection. Though you get access to all of the functions and the apps, this free version should be more than enough for the first few days before you are ready to commit to a monthly payment.

Second, the Premium plan for $4.99/Month ­provides you with a full array of TotalVPN functions - 30+ locations, no limits on bandwidth and data transfer, all protocols available, 3 different devices and a premium proxy service.

The data transfer limits are not described, though the bandwidth is limited to the 2 MB/s:

TotalVPN free licence speed limit notice

BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies are not accepted, so to sign up for the Premium plan you will have use your credit card. The Free plan does not require to provide credit card credentials.

Privacy, Security and protocols

Encryption:+128bit +256bit

Protocols: +PPTP +IPSEC +IKEV2 +OpenVPN

To put it simply, TotalVPN provides enough security to protect you from third ­parties, unless the third party is… a law enforcement agency. It is up to you to decide whether that concerns you or not, but the TotalVPN user agreement claims that they partner up with the police and national security officials if they have a court order.

TotalVPN will be aware at what time you have connected to which VPN server, what was the device type and the device IP address. Though it can be said, that whatever you have transferred via the VPN tunnel is completely secure.

In other words, TotalVPN behaves exactly the same as the majority of other VPN providers. If you were to seek out a provider with a similar set of functions, same or even better pricing plans and a more serious attitude towards your privacy, then you should check out other VPN providers.

Customer Support

+Chat support +Knowledge base +Ticketing System ­

TotalVPN does not provide phone support, though their 24/7 online live chat pretty much covers it.

There are three more options of getting help: ­

TotalVPN help center and support

  • Installation Guides
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticketing System

Installation guides cover four major platforms (Windows, OS X, iOS and Android), but the length of the walkthroughs won’t come in handy if you face any sudden issues during the installation.

The knowledge base consists of short articles, most of which are “for dummies” type. If I needed to find out how long the logs are stored, how to configure OpenVPN protocol on the latest Linux version or any other slightly more advanced topic, chances are that I would have to contact the support team through live chat or submit a ticket.

The ticket function seems to work well, though we have not tested the duration of average response from the TotalVPN support team.

Platform Support

+Windows 8 +Windows7 +Windows Vista +Windows XP +Mac +iOS +Android +Xbox One +PlayStation 4 +Apple TV +DD­WRT +Tomato ­-RedHad/Fedora Linux -­Debian/Ubuntu Linux ­-ChromeBook

The list of devices supported by TotalVPN is quite extensive.

TotalVPN supported devices

Though the lack of Linux support makes TotalVPN less attractive for the power users. Moreover, their docs do not even have a hint of the Linux support. For me, an avid Linux user, it is clearly a drawback.

Servers and Locations

TotalVPN has servers in 30+ locations, with the highest server density in Europe and North America.

TotalVPN servers and locations

Total server count is about 60 servers. There are some providers offering more locations, but for the standard usage this should be more than enough.

Walkthrough guide

We have tested the OS X version of TotalVPN. The interface looks pretty sleek as well:

TotalVPN app interface

Though browsing through the list of countries is nor dynamic, nor intuitive.


TotalVPN definitely should be included in a list of great VPN providers, especially considering the availability of a Free plan.

Pros: ­

  • Quick setup
  • Free plan
  • Simple pricing model
  • Moderate list of servers

Cons: ­

  • Country of Origin(UK)
  • Logging of connections(and parterships with law enforment agencies without informing the user)
  • No Linux support

For the relatively fresh player of the market, the pros of TotalVPN greatly outweigh the cons. So just go and give the free version a shot. Though if privacy is your concern from day one, then consider looking for a different VPN provider.


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