TunnelBear has just been purchased by the US company McAfee. What are some good alternative VPNs?

Online security company McAfee has purchased the Canadian VPN service provider TunnelBear, though the terms of the purchase and the sum have not been disclosed.

McAfee plans to integrate the said VPN with their Safe Connect product, but TunnelBear will continue working as their own branded VPN as well as the standalone password managing app RememBear. This Canadian VPN is mostly known for providing free services, though it had paid subscriptions as well.

Before the acquisition, TunnelBear was the subject to Canadian laws (as it is based in Canada) and TunnelBear had a very transparent and clear privacy policy, for which it was liked by its user base. While TunnelBear has set quite a good example before regarding transparency and anonymity, its existing users have started fearing the possible consequences the acquisition might have. TunnelBear will most probably have more resources, but it is unsure whether it will compensate the probable user loss.


What will change and what are the biggest risks?

The biggest problem is that McAffee is a US corporation, meaning that TunnelBear’s privacy policy will be radically changed and stricter laws will be imposed. TunnelBear will also have to keep logs if a warrant is ever served, in compliance with the current US laws. Moreover, users should pay attention not only to the possible changes of the company’s Privacy Policy, but their Terms of Service as well.

The biggest problem with a VPN service provider being subjected to the US laws is the constant threat of the FBI, NSA and other US intelligence agencies. These all gather information about online users and their activities, as the laws make it easier for the said agencies to collect data. Private companies are no better, also constantly monitoring their users and their patterns. Moreover, American Internet Service providers can sell user data to brands and advertisers, meaning that even more information about the Internet users is being amassed.

The best VPN alternatives? VPN providers not based in the US

The said reasons are the main cause why it is said to avoid VPN service providers based in the US. Users who want to get VPN services are encouraged to choose a non-US based VPN service provider. For example, there are VPN service providers like

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·       PrivateVPN (based in Sweden);

·       ExpressVPN (based in British Virgin Islands);

·       CyberGhost (based in Romania) and others.